new era, new materials

At this time, we have more consciousness about our environment and about the consequences of our fast consume. This make us more sensitive about how the things we by are made for.we reduce the plastic consume, polluting materials, and poor working conditions fabrics. We’re learning to take care of our planet. Another thing we are searching it’s the alternative to real leather, a vegan option away for the leatherette.

It’s take a lot of time but, Don Kwaning has managed to emulate the texture of the skin with Lino Leather, his new material.

Using the linoleum as a raw material, he transform this material normali applied as flooring material but, varying in amounts of components like metal oil and lime stone, the material becomes more soft and flexible, managing to emulate the versatile texture that natural leather has.

Avaliable in two textures, one similar to the rumen leather, and another similar to saddle leather. Both perfect to furniture and interior design, the rumen has also acoustic dampening properties and the other, softer and perfect to the commercial applications.


Photography: Don Kwaning