Episode 3 ~ Chair of the month: LCW (1945)

lcw dezainaa 5.jpg

In 1945, the launch of the chair LCW designed by Charles and Ray Eames, changed the paradigm about the chair manufacturing. From that moment, the LCW and it’s sister of metallic legs, the LCM, the way of understanding ergonomics changed forever. Previously, ergonomics was understood as soft stuff and fluffy seats that ended up becoming deformed.

With this new designs, we went a little further in wood modeling and for the first time, wood adapts itself to the curves and forms of human body.

lcw dezainaa 2.jpg

The result was one of the most iconic chair of history. A perfect chair of low rise but incredibly comfortable because of its leaning seat and it’s half height backrest. The form allows being seat for hours in a good position for the body.

After many attemps, the Eames got the technique to mold the plywood of beech and walnut. Nowadays, we can found a lot of fake versions of the LCW but the original design it’s in Vitra. You can choose the height of the seat (there’s two versions, one low for different spaces and other mor height for the dining room or the office), the color, and if you want a small fluffy skin lining in different fabrics.

lcw dezainaa 3.jpg
lcw dezainaa 4.jpg

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Photography: Vitra