Living Plates as a new movement perception to chef's vision.


Translucent, flexible and malleable.

The Living Plates are a set of “unique fine dining plate ware made of silicone and porcelain, that comes to life, creating a bond between food and diner through movements that extend the gastronomical experience of the taste”, announces Lina Saleh, the designer.

There was a full experimentation process of making moulds, trying out thicknesses and material shore; revolved on silicone. Every plate has been scrutinized in moulding technique, shape and material harness to “best produce the desired outcome and paired with a Porcelain counter part that would ground the plate and allow it to unleash the full movement”. 

Perception changes through movements such as sinking, oscillating, rippling and bouncing, tying the plates to different flavours. “The vessels become a further medium other than flavours for the chef to express his artistic vision”.