Silver, green velvet and white light. Harbook shines alive.


There’s a new place to be in Hangzhou, China. The ultimate project of Alberto Caiola: Harbook. A multifunctional space composed by a bookstore, a café, and contemporary Scandinavian furniture showroom by Normann Copenhagen.

During the times, this city has inspired philosophers, poets and writers. In order to keep this tradicion, Harbook includes “a series of arches, evocative of classical Italian porticos. Thematically connecting Harbook’s urban elements of socializing, cultural exchange, shopping and dining, they create a quite literally immersive dialogue between eras and cultures, providing a sensual journey through the space”.

Its color palette, as well as surprising mix of materials lend a postmodern edge to offset more classical elements of this multipurpose space.

Overlooking West Lake, “the space is wrapped in dusky pink, rendered edgy by way of metallic panels. Underfoot, traditional, locally sourced Chinese floor bricks anchor this otherwise internationally minded lifestyle destination to its East China locale”.

“Harbook shines a light on the timeless luxury of books”.


Photography: Alberto Caiola