air and neutral color palette, the minimalism flagship store

Nowadays the concept of minimalism means simplicity, a white-grey-black color spectrum, empty spaces like hospitals, no furniture and million other things that don't  means minimalism. 

Minimalism can be a red space, stone furnitures, concrete tables or the mixing of different materials. The only rule its balance and keep it simple. 

A perfect example it's the new flagship store of Malababa, a shop of handmade accessories based in Spain since 2000. A new space that connects art, culture and design in Madrid. 

Ciszak Dalmas in collaboration with the architect Matteo Ferrari, turn an empty space in the center of Madrid into the perfect definition of balance between geometrical form and neutral color palette. 

Every corner of the space is full of details, like the ecocement in some parts of the walls or the pink curtain made of the same leather as their last collection.