when the mountain goes to Budda

In the principal cemetery of Hokkaido, there's a huge budda built 15 years ago and it became a symbol of the city of Sapporo.

Now, Tado Ando, a retired boxer, has decided to cover it with an amazing lavender field. After visited the Phanteon in Rome, that boxer decided to hang up his mittens and start to learn about architecture by himself. He read and learned everything he could about architecture to became one of the most important (and autodidact) architect of Japan. 

This year, Tado Ando decided to cover the budda with a mountain that can only let you see its head. At the entrance of the temple you have to walk down the underground corridor toll the statue hall. 

The lavender field will change with the season, violet in spring, green in summer and white in winter, turning this temple in the perfect place to meditated.