change your tableware, connect with your origins

Nothing is created or destroyed, it's transformed. Everything comes back to Earth, animals, plants, trees, everything emerge from Earth and everything come back to it. Sometimes we forget it. We think that everything it's for ever and it will last forever, but we have done so many things wrong and some of us want remedy it. 

wasara dezainaa3.png

Wasara it's a Japanese brand that wants to make us reconnect with the Earth and its care. A tableware brand with solid values.

Japanese culture attracts everyone, we are fascinated by its delicacy, its balance and its way of seeing the world. Everything has a meaning and everything is connected.

For Japanese people it's so important the way you take the cutlery or the bowls. To hold a bowl with both hands and eat directly from the bowl its a symbol of gratitud to the ingredients.

Wasara uses traditional craftsmanship of Japan and their refinement with everything relates to food focus in hospitality and courtesy with the others. They present a line of heartwarming and comfortable products for your table. 

All products are manufactured from certified compostable and biodegradable materials. The product's principal use is to eat, to put soup in the bowls, a very nice tataki or a cheese sandwich but, it can also be use for painting or to put your mess if you do not know where to put it. And when work is done, everything returns to Earth, the place from which it comes. 

All is based on the traditional lines of a culture that never stop changing and never forget their roots.