empty home, get into Urby

We have found the ultimate solution to all those who don´t want to find an empty apartment after a long and exhausted work day. 

Capable to offer you all the possible amenities, Urby, with its third edition 20 minutes away from Lower Manhattan became the perfect choice for rented New Yorkers. 


Offering 409 apartments for rent, with a second stage of development currently underway, Harrison Urby represents an unprecedented value for money and a truly connected life experience.


The architectural design of the building, coming by the hand of Concrete, the dutch studio, pays homage to the industrial heritage of the neighborhood. The complex consists of two buildings built around a large community parceled garden divided into separate blocks with different facade treatments, window configurations and alternate heights. Vitra furniture, white tiles and wood, a lot of wood. 

At the heart of the complex is the garden that organically connects all communal areas, that include a publicly accessible entrance café. The communal spaces are actively programmed
to further foster interaction between residents and neighbours.


Apartments available in S, M and L; from $1,775 to $3,155. Compact in size, all apartments fully equipped, feel relatively large and spacious thanks to the clever use of the available square footage and big windows.

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