if plan B doesn't work, bioplastic it's fantastic

dezainaa_bioplastic_Johanna Schmeer,.jpg

Christopher Nolan's film, Interstellar, presents a hopeless future for the human being. No food, no solutions, no alternatives. Cooper has to pack his staff and go through a worm hole to another planets searching for a plan b. 

Maybe, after watching the movie, somethings awakes inside you: a feeling of guiltiness. Maybe that sensation is just science fiction. Partly it's true, partly it's fantasy. 

Humans have taken everything around us with no care and without thinking about the consequences. Overpopulation, wars, pollution, technology and the fact that we will run out of food. 

One of the solutions could be creating a new kind of food, artificial food, food from bioplastic. Johanna Schmeer, designer, scientific, artist and technology lover creates a new type of food based in enzyme-enhanced bioplastics. Johanna has investigated and has focused her career on how we can adapt ourselves to technological advances.

She designed seven types of products composed by the seven food groups. Even when the aim of her designs it's to feed people, she wants to create something beautiful because when the pleasure of eating disappears, design will take its place.