need or experience, all inside a capsule

In 1979, The Capsule inn Osaka opened its door in the Umeda district in Osakas's prefecture. The aim of this hotel was to respond to the need of business men who stayed working beyond their laboral schedule. 

Umeda it's the traditional business area of Osaka. The train that unites the city with the business area, stops from midnight to six in the morning. Many men in Umeda could not go home at night, and they needed a solution. 

Kisho Kurokawa was the clever mind that solved the problem. After his studies in the Architecture School of the University of Tokio, Kurokawa found the Metabolism architectural movement focus in a renewal of traditional post Second World War constructions and changing them by adaptable buildings, flexible and interchangeable modules that could evolve with the growth of the city. 

Even thought most people think that the first capsule hotel was the Nakagin Capsule Tower in Tokio, it was actually the Capsule inn Osaka the first capsule hotels as we understand it nowadays. A simple room composed by a individual bed, a tv, a radio, a light and a air conditioner controller; everything in 2 meters long by one and half meter high. The point of this hotel was to serve business men during laboral week. 

In times of crises, when the workers need to have some fun after work, the capsule hotel also works, because going back home drunk is a dishonor that not many want to take. 

Today, it's an experience for tourists. Spend a night in a capsule for fun and the day after back to the confortable hotel bed it's a must on a trip to Japan. 

For this reason today we can find design hotels that offers capsules experiences for tourists and locals. 

One of this options in the MyCUBE by NYSTAYS, perfect for temples visitors and active tourist. Modern capsule hotels have a lot of facilities like wifi, continental breakfast and common spaces to meet new people. 

And the second option is Nine hours Shinjuku-North hotel with a nordic's touch. Everything covered with polished cement, this hotel has common working spaces, a living room, shared bathrooms and a working feeling in the air.