the crack through the time

Since the XII Century the Shōgun were the territorial leaders of Japans directly appointed by the emperor to rule in his name. A political system that lasted until the XIX Century. 

Some Shōgun had a very short life, but other had a long and productive life creating the most important traditional techniques of the Japanese art and culture.

That is the case of Ashikaga Yoshimasa, during his term he promoved the emerge of the Japanese arts with greater presence today like the tea ceremony, the ikebana, the No Theatre technique and the Chinese ink painting. 

Ashikaga was a great thinker that promoved also the current aesthetic of the wabi-sabi. That current understanding of the beauty of the things in their own imperfections. 

But today, we want to explain another technique that the Shōgun founds trying to keep one of his most precious possessions. The story begins when he desired to fix his favorites tea cups that had been broken. He ordered to the artisans to conserve the beauty of the cups even if they were broken.

When the cups were returned to the Shōgun, they didn’t like them because the artisans trying to fix them, they introduced two metal staples. With the second attempt, the artisans use a mix of resin and gold to cover the fissures of the cups and repairing them. This time,  the Shōgun did like it. From this moment, all broken art pieces were repaired with the technique of 'kintsugi' which means 'to join with gold'. Just to give an idea of the popularity fo this technique, some people even broke their objects so that could be repaired by kintsugi. 


Currently, not too many objects are repaired with kintsugi. Could you imagine repair the new iPhone X with resin and gold? A good learning that we can get from the past would be to apply those techniques to modern spaces. And here it comes an example: TANK studio from Japan and its new space. 

“Xchange apartaments” is a space where creative people can exchange ideas, develop new projects and try new things in a creative an immersive area. 

Some little cracks broke out in the pavement of the space, breaking with the uniformity of color and material. They decide to fill them with gold-colored epoxy repairing them and adding value and beauty to a broken space.