touch and feel with trust

Design it's about so many things, one of the them it's about to help people in their current life. Nienke Helder design studio helps people with sexual traumas. 

Designing a very nice product line that helps women with sexual locks. Sometimes, a not very good sexual experience can block your muscles and your mind with the result of refuse to do something again. That's the case when you have sexual problem, if sex happens and you feel uncomfortable or it turns out to be an unpleasant action, your body could block. 

To reconnect the mind and the body with your sexual being, Nienke Helder studio creates a collection of sensorial objects focusing on finding pleasure. 

An special mirror to know yourself, a kimono that keeps you warm, a pelvic sensor that vibrates for you to exert pressure, a lighting stone to exercises your breathing during the sex and a brush to play and tinckle. 

The better part of this its that they made a video in which different women explain how to use it and how to feel better.

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