The only one to write yours thoughts

Pen Uno line and Pencil Uno can become the most minimalist line writing material that's current in the market. Ok, some of us may be more conservative and we carry our fountain pen everywhere and we can not live without them. Face it, fountain pen are so classy for these days. We've got the alternative. A pen that you can carry around effortlessly and always ready for you.


The design is simple, an extra thin cylinder of just 5.3mm at its widest part steel. With just unroll the drum we can write and just unrolling the back we can change the inks. We also have the option of buying one or all the different models in red, space gray, gray, pink gold and black among others.

Ensso crew know how to do it. After a crowdfounding campaign the launch the first serie of pens and pencil in the basic line and in a special line mad of brass.

There's only one bad news in this, you will not be able to decide the colour. Just Catch them all.