The technology that don't put brakes and excuses

Inspired by the Olympic Winter Games, we bring a prosthesis with double standards, allowing the sport do you like best again and to feel proud to wear a prosthesis.

From the point of view we can see that not lack detail. That design implements all the anatomical parts needed to walk, run and jump.

Soleis is an object designed specifically for athletes, the foot part can be changed depending on the needs of the sport being practiced, from closer to larger, wider to provide and more stability or more thrust.

Thomas Belhacène is the creative genius of this solution for people who have lost a leg. With soleis Total athletes desire for re-dedicate it makes them happier. Improve things was always a constant in his life, since his father and his brothers improved their race cars mediate design and engineering.

Currently Belhacène addition to improving the lives of many athletes, and in Nike also helping to improve the development of footwear.

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