Say Amen for Santa Clara and Santa Caterina Moretti.

Just another excuse to have all our staff neat but where everybody can see it.


If you are someone who have a dish for everything, this is for you. If you are someone who never find the keys, coins or hairpins left over, this is for you.

From Mexico we get the organizers of Caterina Moratti whose leave us whiteout breath like tequila. Santa Clara is a collection of organizers made with organic and versatile materials from the beginning of time: marble and copper.

Another benefit of these organizers is that they are geometric. You can play with them to make sets and to have as many as you want, all together, all happy.

Caterina Moretti is the brilliant minds who left these objects of worship and creative design studio Peca in Guadalajara. A place in which processes are a mix between industrial and traditional processes. Everything designed by Peca have for aim to benefit users, creating objects with high aesthetic value but also useful.

Everything you want from Caterina Moratti can be found here. Enjoy!