Finding balance

We're living in the "Simpson's predictions era", thet predict Trump and we found another prediction. Do you remember when Homer became an sculture artist? A fancy woman discover him building a barbecue and everything starts. 

I just thought in Homer when I saw Carol Bove work for first time "what the hell? this is amazing!" I can see chaos and balance, I can see rusty metal and colorfull pieces and hidding in all of this I can see a delicate polka dot, almost imperceptible. 

Investigating more about Carol Bove we can learn about her work style focus in materials and balance present in her exposition "Polka Dot" in David Zwirner Gallery in New York. She use different materials like seasheels, metal, cement, ceramic and sometimes books. 

That kind of art teach us that there will always be something that will make us stop to see it twice to discover what it want to transmit to us. Also that we always be Homer with a fucking barbecue.